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Design System and Onboarding Experience

What we did
  • Branding and identity
  • Experience design
  • Interface design
  • Design System development
  • Finance
  • Technology


Financial analysis tool targeting millenials in Mexico. Redesign focusing on improving the Onboarding experience and Analysis and Recommendations screens, and creating a design system as a base for new product iterations.


Rocket is a fintech company based in Mexico that provides financial tools for millenials. Financial Analysis, launched in 2017, allows users to authenticate directly with Buró de Crédito (Mexico’s Credit Agency) and obtain an easy to understand overview of their credit history, with recommended actions and content to improve their score and the best credit options for each person.

After few months of launching, it was clear that the tool was solving a real problem for our users, but retention rates were not as good as expected. We identified areas where we could improve conversion and retention rates, and saw the need to completely redesign our Onboarding experience for new users and our Analysis and Recommendations screens, to offer greater value to existing ones.

Rocket Wireframes Rocket LoFi


Rocket We created a Design System that would help the product team iterate faster and serve as the base for the new Onboarding experience. As Design Director, my role also involved refreshing the visual language and aligning the name of the brand with the value offer.

A big objective for the redesign of this tool was to improve conversion rates by providing better feedback and splitting the steps in the onboarding process, and retention rates by providing the user always up to date and actionable recommendations, content and tips to improve their credit score. I redesigned the Dashboard view to highlight the most important actions and make it easier for the user to find out what they are interested in or should have a look at and get there faster.

  • Reduced times for new product iterations
  • Improved conversion and retention rates, reducing our burn rate and dependance on VC
  • Established a clear alignment between brand and value offer, helping to have a more consistent message across the product

  • Reduced bounce rate 47% (from 71% to 33%)
  • Improved retention rates by 63% (from 10% to 23%)
  • Improved metrics meant Rocket could focus on growth, reaching up to 2’000.000 users

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