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Web Stories for WordPress

Web Stories Creator by Google (WP Plugin)

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Web Stories for Wordpress is a plugin developed by Google to make it easy for WP users to start creating Web Stories that Google started promoting in search results.


As Lead UX Designer for Web Stories for Wordpress, part of the Google ConsumerUX team at Huge, the main challenge for the project was to improve the user experience for first-time and general users. The focus was on helping creators publish high-quality content by redesigning the First Time User Experience and Pre-publish Checklist.


WP Stories First Time Use Experience and Pre-Publish Checklist

To achieve this, the team introduced new templates, a Pre-publish Checklist with design, content, and accessibility suggestions, improved the empty story state, and the user experience when users added new type elements.

Pre-publish Checklist Pre-publish Checklist

As Lead UX Designer, I led UX and UI of the Pre-publish Checklist, ideated and prototyped improvements to the First Time Use Experience that were implemented successfully (an empty state screen with instructions on how to start adding content instead of a challenging blank canvas), and established heuristics for setting the color of text elements and vector images black or white according to the current background.


  • These improvements made it easier for more than 100.000 active creators to publish amazing-looking stories that are accessible and easy to discover, following best practices.